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The persolog Personality Factor Model

Successful people have succeeded in harmonizing their inner potential and their outer behavior. They know their strengths and their limits and can also master critical situations or conflicts in their professional and private life with confidence. The persolog Personality Factor Model with the behavioral dimensions D, I, S and C describes human behavior in concrete situations with the aim of better understanding one’s own needs and those of others. – DISC Profile

Together with the persolog Personality Factor Profile and the Behavioral Profile that is persolog you produce your own profile with the help of a questionnaire and then have the following alternatives:

Comprehend your personal strengths and limits; analyze your working style
Create the environment for yourself which best sparks your success
Find out what contribution you can make within the organization
Avoid non-productive tension beforehand.

The persolog Character Factor Profile consists of three parts (investigation, interpretation and reflection) with seven interpretation levels.

Part I: Behavior evaluation
The basis for interpretation is formed by two questionnaires with which behavior in concrete situations is determined. The result is entered in three diagrams. Each diagram forms the basis for interpreting the data in various interpretation levels.

Part II: Interpretation potential

Discovery step 1: Understanding the Behavioral Styles D, I, S and C
The very first discovery measure gives information on prototypical behavior of the four personality dimensions and consequently about the predominant personality tendency, in other words, whether someone tends towards dominant, influencing, steady or cautious behavior.

Discovery step 2: Dealing with Change
The second discovery step describes the aims on the other side of the behavior. The goal of the analysis will be to figure out how to adapt behaviour to the demands of changing surroundings.

Discovery measure 3: Private Beliefs
In discovery step 3, reference is made to the inner rationale system. The question to be answered here is: my behaviour is determined by which personal convictions and where do they hinder successful conduct?

Discovery measure 4: Developing Approaches for Success
Discovery measure 4 highlights the 20 behavior patterns. Information is provided on each individual behavior tendency in 13 measures that are subsequently assessed by the candidate.

Discovery step 5: Dealing with Potential Pressure
Discovery step 5 deals with intra-person stress. The stress level is identified by means of a comparative evaluation and the main stressors discovered.

Discovery measure 6: Performing Work that Matches Your Character
With discovery step 6 there is a change of subject. The first five discovery steps focus on the topic of efficient behavior management. The sixth discovery measure addresses the subject of S, I, D and C and the design and choice of work. The behaviour strengths give indexes for new working areas.

Discovery step 7: Collaboration in Work Teams
The persolog Character Profile is completed by discovery step 7 with the part of team cooperation.

Component III: Reflection

All-Inclusive participants’ documentation offers assistance with reflection on individual interpretations:

Actions adaptation through work on intentions together with the aid of the Intendo cards

Comprehending and reconsidering of activity obstacles
Reflection on conflict behaviour
Localizing intra-individual stress for mastering it and working out strategies
Reconsidering of fields of action
Analysis and reconsidering of cooperation – DISC Profile

What’s unique about the persolog Personality Factor Profile?

Both questionnaires make it possible to interpret the three diagrams otherwise.
The persolog Character Factor Profile builds on personal understanding and additionally shows activity strategies.
The persolog Character Factor Profile and the theory behind it are not only always mathematically audited; a theoretical additional development of the construct also takes place.
The profile contains additional evaluations which instruct reflection.

But that’s not all. The persolog Character Factor Profile can do even more. You also benefit from these advantages:

Additional advantages of the persolog Personality Factor Profile

You can be familiar with sway of the surroundings in your behavior and the best way to deal with context expectations.
You perform a scientifically based analysis of your behaviour in a real position in a short while.
You develop long-term techniques for behavior variation.
You objectively determine your behavior impediments.
You learn the best way to identify intra-individual strain.
You activate your conduct strengths and learn to manage your conduct weaknesses.